Being Bald and Beyond

Making the choice to shave your head can be incredibly stressful. Even the manliest of men have lost sleep over the “Should I, or Shouldn’t I?” decision.

For me, I thought about it nearly every day for a year. Prior to that, I’d ask my barber every few haircuts, “Is it time yet?” (he never gave me an honest answer). As embarrassing as it sounds, I took a selfie and used PhotoShop to color my hair the same shade as my skin just to give myself a visual for what it would be like to look in the mirror and see my own scalp.

bald manWhen I finally decided to pull the trigger, I did as much research as I could… I scoured YouTube for how-to videos on head-shaving — buzzing it with clippers and shaving it with a razor.

What I found frustrating about this process was that one go-to resource didn’t exist for all of my questions. I found myself digging through shady old message forums for answers, without knowing if the advice was legit or written by some dude trying to be funny.

And then I had to learn how to navigate the social aspect of shaving my head. When you step outside for the first time, is everyone staring?! What was I supposed to say to people who asked about it? What about those who withheld comment even though they were clearly staring with awkward glances?

So I decided to create an online resource for men to share guidance and provide support for others who are thinking about shaving their head, or having a hard time choosing the right tools to do the job.

This site is brand new as of October 2018, so if you happen to find it early, subscribe to my email list so you can be notified of new articles that I’ll be adding each week.

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