Going Bald Early: Stefan’s Story


If you’re experiencing hair loss, a receding hairline, or just thinking about shaving your head someday, check out Stefan’s insightful story.

He candidly shares what it was like at a young age to experience thinning hair, and describes his thought process behind the decision to finally shave his head.

Here are some of the takeaways that stood out to me:

  • While taking Propecia and Rogaine, he started having E.D. and depression. When he stopped taking them, his hair loss rapidly accelerated.
  • A hair transplant consultation proved to him that hair loss procedures aren’t really a long-term or sustainable solution.
  • Shaving his head was “one of the best decision he ever made.” He genuinely prefers being bald! (This is key to being a confident bald man.)
  • Thanks to Hollywood, “the bald look” has become a sex symbol that people find very attractive and often prefer when dating.
  • It might be necessary to shave your head in order for you to grow as a human being. It could end up being something you love, and that changes your life for the better.

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