How to Manage an Oily Head

Bald heads produce oils called sebum that can make your head look shiny.

Humid weather, touching your scalp too much, the wrong shampoo (as well as over-shampooing), vitamin-B deficiencies, hormone fluctuations, and certain dermatology issues can impact how how much oil your scalp churns out each day.

So here’s a skin care secret that will give your head a more matte appearance…

Oil Blotting Papers

OBP’s rapidly absorb excess oil and help control shine. They’re made from natural linen fibers blended with organic bamboo charcoal for freshness. Since they’re powder-free, they won’t leave any residue on your hands or head.

The best part is they’re small enough to fit in your back pocket, making them the perfect size to take with you to work, the gym, or even out to a bar or restaurant. 

Say goodbye to the napkins and bathroom paper towels you’ve been using to dry your oily head. OBPs are the much classier and discreet way to maintain a nice clean head.

How To Use Them

I use about 3 sheets per day. They come in packages of 100, so one $5-7 box lasts about a month. Depending on the oiliness of your head, the frequency in which you need them may vary.

I apply one to the front of my head, flip the sheet over, then pat the back of my head. I do the same for the left and right sides of my head, flipping each sheet once. You might like using one around your nose and forehead as well.

Here’s What It Looks Like

I showered, shaved my head, and moisturized three hours before taking this pic… Look how much oil was already camped out on my scalp!

Image of Oil Blotting Papers

Which Brand is Best?

I’ve tried most of the brands available on Amazon, including Shiseido, Clean & Clear, ProActiv, Schön, BellaJade, Palladio, and PleasingCare. There’s a Japanese rice paper option.

They’re all functional, but PleasingCare offers the best price and quality. For what it’s worth, Clean & Clear was my least favorite.


An Additional Shine-Reducing Tip

Vitamin-A products are often used clinically to reduce excess sebum production. Eating foods that are naturally rich in Vitamin-A  could be a helpful way to manage oily skin.



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