Bald & Famous: Steve Austin

Photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin With Hair

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a retired wrestler and actor. He began losing his hair in his mid-twenties. He noticed it became thin and stringy, but admits to hanging on to it as long as he could. He had a hair loss consultation with the Hair Club for Men in the early 90’s, but could immediately tell it was gimmicky and not something that interested him.

Here are some of the highlights from this clip:

  • He called his mentor for advice on what to do about hair loss. The man he idolized wasn’t helpful at all. (The decision to shave your head is yours, and yours alone. Even people you love and respect can’t make the decision for you.)
  • Steve mocks hair replacement TV commercials for being so unbearably cheesy. If getting hair plugs or hair replacement surgery appeals to you, go for it — but it’s just not his thing.
  • The character Bruce Willis plays in Pulp Fiction inspired him to get a buzz cut.
  • The decision to finally shave his head was fairly random. He did it on a whim one night before a wrestling match. He decided to grow a goatee later.
  • His advice: Don’t do the combover thing, it’s lame.
  • Being bald never deterred him from success. He credits it as being one of the main reasons he is successful because it’s the best look for him. (Compare this to his earlier fears about hanging on to hair for as long as he could. That hesitation only slowed him down).

Today, Steve Austin is the host of his own podcast. Check it out. He also has over 3 million followers on Instagram.

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