Nathan’s Hair Loss Story

I found Nathan’s hair loss story on YouTube. It’s interesting because he shaved his head the day before this video was filmed. So we get to see how he feels about it less than 24-hours later.

Pay attention to how much he hesitated, and for how long. He knew he wanted to shave his head, but couldn’t pull the trigger on it for years. This hesitation increased within the past year. (I went through this stage as well. It’s awful.)

Nathan Hair Loss Story Before Pics.png

Take a look at these “before” pictures. He looks so much better with a shaved head. Can you believe he hesitated so long to keep that hair?

Some takeaways from the video:

He knew he was thinning at the front of his head 4-5 years ago. He got online, searched for hair loss formula, and started using Rogaine off and on for several years.

When he tried stopping Rogaine a year and a half ago, his hair loss accelerated and this freaked him out. So he started using it again for a year.

6 months ago he decided to stop Rogaine again. Mentally, the hair loss was weighing on him so he looked at Bosley hair replacement costs (decided against it). 3 weeks ago he decided to give Rogaine yet another attempt, but it was too late. So he went ahead and decided to shave his head.

He actually came to terms with shaving his head in 2016, but he tried “hiding” his hair loss with styling methods for another year and a half. It took that long to finally “let go” and shave it.

He went to a barber and stair-stepped his way through the process with different guard lengths to see how it would look. Then he came home and used another trimmer to shave it himself. (This is called an induction cut).

His advice? Your hair is only a fraction of what gives a person confidence. It’s an unnecessary component to having confidence. So he encourages you to be confident with who you are before you shave your head.

He was both nervous and anxious as he was about to shave his head. But as you can see, it wasn’t even 24-hours before he made this video, and he feels good about it. He’s grateful that he doesn’t need Rogaine anymore.

Nathan feels that being bald feels great. He feels relieved. He feels amazing. He may not have wanted to be bald, but he’s comfortable with what he was given (genetically).

Hair is just a thing. It doesn’t matter. If you’re a good person who exudes confidence, people simply won’t care that you’re bald.

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