A Better Way to Wash Your Bald Head

Ever since I began shaving my head, I’ve wondered if applying soap with my bare hands was the most effective way to clean my scalp.

If you were trying to get oil off the bottom of a kitchen pan, would you use your hand or a brush? With that in mind, I found a product that can gently scrub my bald head, and offer a superior clean than just using soapy hands.

It’s called a soft silicone shower brush, and it looks like this:

Bald Head Brush

You simply squirt shampoo or cleansing gel into the center of the soft silicone pad, then begin massaging your scalp. It lathers up naturally, promotes increased blood flow, exfoliates the scalp, and increases the elasticity of your skin (which makes your skin look healthier and younger).

These soft brushes are made with BPA-free and FDA-approved silicone that’s acid-resistant and safe to use on sensitive skin.

It legitimately makes a bald head feel cleaner than just using your bare hands.

And unlike sponges and loofas, these silicone brushes aren’t breeding grounds for bacteria. They’re self cleaning, and can be sanitized further with a splash of rubbing alcohol.

As an added bonus, they’re great for cleaning beards too. Instead of just sliding shampoo through your beard, the bristles reach your beard hair more effectively.

Available on Amazon for under $10, these useful brushes have changed the way I clean my head and face. Give it a try.